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Because ...

Most companies have important software that has been designed to run on platforms that are now obsolete, or the designer has left, or nobody still uses the language, or you are too busy to do it yourself, or the input needs to change from RS232 to USB, or .... Very often it is important to try to keep the 'look and feel', rather than retraining staff - or just because it is useful code that suits you well.

Omicron converts, translates and restructures as appropriate, making your old software maintainable again. Readability is a priority, and code will be reviewed and tested as agreed prior to delivery.


Windows, Linux, microcontrollers, embedded code, DSPs, custom.

Languages (source or destination)

Ada, Assemblers of all kinds including uC and DSP, Basic, C, C++, C#, Coral, Delphi, Fortran, Foxpro, HP Instrument Basic, Java, Kylix, Pascal, Visual Basic, Visual C.

Languages (not supported as destination)

Algol, Cobol, Forth, Lisp, Modula, Prolog.

Software Standards

Code will be written to standards wanted by the customer; and if not otherwise specified, generally to ISO-9000-3.


All provided and resulting code will be held to be confidential. All intellectual property rights and licensing agreements will be complied with.


From 1000 upwards. Every one is different; please call us.


Includes source code, executables, memory / device image files as appropriate. New software generated becomes explicitly the property of the client (No IPR issues).


Have included: Anglo European Data (UK) Ltd, Cray Electronics, DERA, Dstl, Dunlop Aviation, GKN, Martech, Plessey, Raytheon Systems, Roke Manor Research, SEA, Smiths Industries, Tandberg, Texas Instruments, Vosper Thorneycroft